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Our 4-Step Process

Create your California prenup in just hours.


Share the basics

You and your partner will tell us about your family, assets, and high level financial views.


Get aligned

Review with your partner and come to mutual agreement on how finances will be shared.


Review with lawyers

With a draft prenup in hand, you and your partner choose from our expert lawyers and begin final review — 100% online.


Sign your prenup

Review your final prenup. Wait 7 days (legal requirement) and then sign your custom First Agreement. Smile. You did it!

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Why Choose First

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Simplified prenup process for the modern marriage.

Prenups are on the rise as couples are waiting longer to get married and accumulating more assets along the way — and these couples are used to online, streamlined processes to get things done.

First helps you align your finances to create a custom prenup, efficiently and conveniently, in less time, entirely online, for the right price.

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Cost-effective and transparent.

Traditional prenups can cost up to $10k per partner. First eliminates pricey lawyer retainers and hourly fees.

First offers one flat rate for your First Agreement, saving you time and thousands of dollars in legal fees.

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Control of your financial future.

When you and your partner tie the knot, state laws will determine how your finances are treated. Unless you draft your own prenup — then you get to decide.

First gives you the opportunity to take control and craft your own custom agreement based on your unique needs and priorities, instead of defaulting to the laws in your state.

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Why People Love First

“The platform is incredibly sleek. It’s modern, made it easy for me to digest the questions, and got straight to the point.”


“Nobody has reframed the emotional experience of getting a prenup like First. Our prenup forced us to talk about things that could have fractured our marriage down the road.”


“First made navigating our prenup as simple and stress-free as possible. Their speedy service and attention to detail meant one less thing to worry about as our big day approached.”


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These testimonials are from customer quotes and feedback interviews collected by First Tech, Inc. No compensation (non-cash or otherwise) was provided in exchange for these quotes. First Tech, Inc. does not have any material conflict of interest with the persons giving these testimonials.

Better, Faster, Stronger (Marriage)

Save countless hours & thousands of dollars with a First Agreement.

Traditional Process
Prenup reviewed by a lawyer
Includes terms for premarital and postmarital property and spousal support
Get your draft in a day
100% online process:
No endless email threads or painful PDFs
On-demand lawyer support with fast turnaround
No retainer fees, no hourly rates
Prices per couple starting at:
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Traditional lawyer pricing based on CA-based family lawyer advisor feedback.

Meet Our Legal Advisors

First is built in collaboration with leading family lawyers and mediators from the University of Chicago, UCLA Law, NYU, Yale, top-tier law firms, and more.

Azita Mosbat

Azita Mosbat

Family law attorney with 25 years experience

Azita Mosbat

Michael Aurit

Founder & Director Aurit Mediation

Azita Mosbat

Monica Mazzei

Chair of Buchalter’s Family Law Group

Azita Mosbat

Elizabeth R. Carter

Professor of Law at Louisiana State University

Azita Mosbat

Sandra Mendell

Partner at Top Tier Family Law Firm

Azita Mosbat

Sarah E. Wallace

Founder of Modern Mediation

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How do I know if a prenup is right for me?
What is the purpose of a prenup, and how does it work?
Do I actually need a lawyer to get a prenup?
Should we create a prenup if I have no assets?
Does a prenup mean I am planning for divorce?
Aren't prenups just for wealthy people?
How much does a prenup cost?
Is First just for couples in California?
Can I use First if I am outside of the U.S.?
Will First keep my data safe?

Our team of prenup experts can answer your questions, discuss your prenup goals, and help you understand why First is the modern, efficient way to get a prenup.

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