We’re on a mission to turn prenups from taboo to tradition.

Premarital agreements are often thought of as too pricey, difficult to discuss, and exclusively for the “rich and famous,” with intense back-and-forth and endless piles of paper to sign.

That’s why we created First.

We’re here to make every step of creating your prenup seamless, efficient, and cost-effective so you can start your partnership on the best foot forward—before walking down the aisle.

Designed in partnership with family law experts who’ve seen it all.

Expert education and 1:1 guidance from seasoned attorneys.

Every step of the First prenup process has been crafted alongside a team of experienced lawyers and mediators. They’ve helped thousands of clients in their careers. Together, we’ve revolutionized the prenup process, taking it from analog to digital, expensive to accessible, and clunky to seamless, to meet the needs of modern couples.

Prenups are complicated, our product is simple.

The average starting point for many prenups can begin at $5k, per partner (total of $10k). And, the process can be long and drawn out, over 3-6 months. Not with First. Our product is straightforward and efficient, making it possible for you to have a sound, solid, and more affordable prenup in-hand in as soon as one week.

Delivering your prenup with peace of mind.

Not every prenup is created equal. When a prenup is lopsided, or contains elements that are not legal in your state, there’s a risk it won’t hold up down the line. First is your partner every step of the way to ensure you know exactly what you can – and can’t – include in your sound and enforceable prenup.

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A note from our founder and CEO, Libby Leffler:

We built First because we believe in supporting and celebrating modern couples through easy-to-access prenuptial agreements. We want to ensure you set off into forever with your best foot forward.

Our goal is not just to create sound legal agreements. We exist to set you and your partner up for a harmonious path in motion. No ‘lawyering-up’. No hidden surprises. No hang-ups. Because we know there is a better way forward, together. And we believe this starts with The First Agreement.

If the ultimate partnership is one built on certainty and commitment, First believes it is also built on the power of protection, both for oneself and for each other. Our hope is to make the future something to align on and celebrate, and never question. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.

— Libby

The old way vs. the First way.

What it’s like to get a prenup the old-fashioned way

When you pursue a premarital agreement the old-fashioned way, it can be a cumbersome task—not to mention, an expensive one.

Typically, you and your future spouse will meet with your respective lawyers in person over the course of several months, and those lawyers generally charge hourly fees, which can add up quickly.

With endless PDFs to read through, confusing terms, and loads of back-and-forth between you, your lawyer, your future spouse’s lawyer, and your spouse, getting a prenup the traditional way can be time-consuming and exhausting.

First is here to change that.

What the prenup process is like with First

The First prenup experience is seamless, supportive, and will save you precious time and money (really).

Fully digital and on your timeline, we walk you through the entire process – educating you to understand your options and guiding you to work through any issues with your partner.

You’ll leave First with an agreement that reflects your and your partner’s shared vision. And because we charge a flat fee inclusive of our entire experience, you don’t have to worry about other fees piling up.

In other words, your flower budget just got bigger.

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Hear from people who
chose First.

“First has been an incredible resource, and has made what we thought would be an uncomfortable process an efficient and enlightening one. We love our prenup!”

— Diego and Lauren, married 2023

“We loved that we could do the whole thing from home, without having to go into a law office. It felt extremely thorough, but at the same time, much easier than we expected.”

— Adam and David, married 2023

“We were daunted by the idea of creating a prenup. But it turned out to be a really great launchpad to talk about how we view money. We actually learned a lot about each other, and feel even closer now.”

— Pooja and Darius, married 2023