6 Essential Rules for Crafting an Enforceable Prenup

6 essential rules for you and your partner to follow as you embark on your prenup journey.


So, you and your partner are gearing up to take the plunge into marriage, but before you do, you're thinking about laying down some ground rules. Smart move! But hold up, before you dive headfirst into the world of prenuptial agreements, there are a few things you need to know to make sure your prenup is as solid as your love story. Here are 6 essential rules to follow.

1. Lay it All Out: Full Disclosure is Key

Before you start drafting up your prenup, it's crucial that both you and your partner lay it all out on the table. That means being totally transparent about your assets, debts, income, and financial obligations. Transparency is key!

2. Consent is Everything

A prenup is only legit if both parties are totally down for it. Make sure you and your partner are entering into the agreement willingly and without any shady business. Consent is sexy, y'all! Take your time, read it over, and get your own legal counsel to check it out.

3. No Unfair Advantages

When it comes to prenups, fairness is non-negotiable. Your agreement should be all about equality, not one person coming out on top while the other gets left in the dust. If the terms seem off or heavily favor one side, it's a major red flag. Keep it fair, always!

4. Seal the Deal: Proper Execution is Key

Just like your wedding vows, your prenup needs to be sealed with a kiss – well, maybe not a kiss, but definitely a signature. Make sure both parties sign on the dotted line before you say "I do." If you get it notarized, that adds a little extra oomph.

5. Keep Your Head in the Game

Before you get swept up in wedding fever, make sure both you and your partner are in the right headspace to sign on that dotted line. You need to be of sound mind, free from influences that might cloud your judgment. Keep your wits about you!

6. Stay Classy: Don't Violate the Rules

Last but not least, keep it classy, folks! Your prenup shouldn't be out here breaking any laws or going against what's considered fair game. If it's sketchy, like provisions that waive child support obligations or encourage divorce, it's time to hit pause and reevaluate. Let's keep it legal!

So, there you have it, lovebirds! With these 6 essential rules in your back pocket, you'll be well on your way to creating a prenup that's as solid as your relationship. Cheers to love, fairness, and happily ever afters! 🥂